Review: Haitai Hot Spicy Topokki Rice Cake Chips

Review: Haitai Hot Spicy Topokki Rice Cake Chips

Tteokbokki features chewy rice cakes that are spicy, sweet and chewy, a comfort food perfect to warm up on a cold winter day and hands down one of my favourite Korean dishes. My boyfriend surprised me with a pack of these rice cake flavour chips as a valentine’s day treat. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but it was no surprise that a pack of chips like this one would be found in the vast snack section at the local Galleria.

They come as little hollow cylinders resembling the actual shape of rice cakes used in Tteokbokki, I was pleased to taste the familiar sweet and spicy flavour. The flavour is strong but not too overpowering or salty. The chips were far from the normal spice level of Tteokbokki (but to be fair, I do have a very high spice tolerance). The other thing I have to say is that a lot of East Asian snacks tend to come in small bags. There are many times where the cute packaging disguises that half of the bag is just air (Yes, Calbee I am looking at you). But with these rice cake chips, the bag comes very full which is a huge bonus.

All in all, to my fellow Tteokbokki lovers, obviously don’t expect the familiar chewy texture and spicy taste that you’re used to. But do expect a little treat that will give you a quick taste of the signature Korean dish.

Country of origin: Korea

Bought at: Galleria Supermarket

Price: $3.00CAD

Rating 8/10

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